How Often Do Tarantulas Molt? 

Have you ever wondered how often tarantulas molt? These fascinating creatures can capture anyone’s interest with their unique appearance and habits, but understanding their molting process is important for keeping them healthy. We’re about to dive into the topic and discover how often tarantulas shed their old skin, offering insights into responsible tarantula care. Whether …

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Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease

You may have heard about a potentially new pathogen associated with Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC) that has been reported in at least 14 states including veterinary laboratories in Oregon, Colorado, and New Hampshire. These reports have outlined respiratory cases presenting with coughing due to chronic tracheitis or pneumonia lasting weeks to months with minimal response to treatment and …

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Does My Cat Have Ear Mites?

If you’re a cat owner living in Broomfield, CO, you’re well aware of the responsibility that comes with caring for your feline companion. One crucial aspect of this responsibility is ensuring your cat’s health is in tip-top shape. The team at Laurel Veterinary Clinic is committed to helping you identify and understand common health concerns …

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