Cat & Dog Euthanasia in Broomfield, CO

Knowing when an animal would benefit most from humane euthanasia is not easy. Our veterinarians are here to help answer the question is it time? We want you to know that we love your pets as much as you do. We are here to help you make end of life decisions and make the process as simple as possible. Laurel Veterinary Clinic performs pet euthanasia at our Broomfield, CO, clinic for pets in need of end of life care.

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What to Expect

Here is what you can expect when it comes time:

Quality of Life Conversation

We offer quality of life appointments so that you can discuss end-of-life options with your veterinarian. If your pet has been seeing a veterinarian for ongoing medical issues, this appointment may not be necessary.

If we have not seen your pet recently, this consultation is a vital first step. Euthanasia may be recommended as part of this appointment or can be scheduled for a later date.

Paperwork and Process

Upon arrival for your appointment, you will be escorted to a private room immediately. A team member will arrive in the room shortly to go over paperwork, discuss the process of the euthanasia procedure, and review body care options. Once you have made your after care selections, the team member will process payment for you.


When you are ready, your technician will take your pet for catheter placement. Once the catheter is placed, your pet will be brought back to the room for you to say your goodbyes. We will give you as much time as you need alone with your companion. When you are ready, the veterinarian will come in to perform the euthanasia.

After your veterinarian confirms that your pet has passed, you will have another opportunity to spend some time with your beloved pet and say your final goodbyes. You may leave when you are ready to do so, and our team will care for your pet’s body.


If you have requested a memorial paw print or ashes from your pet’s cremation, we will call you when they are ready for pick-up. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to further remember your beloved pet, ask our team for recommendations and additional resources.

Get the best care for your best friend.

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