Providing Care for Invertebrates
in Broomfield, CO

Laurel Veterinary Clinic is excited to welcome your pet invertebrates as patients here in Broomfield! They may not be conventionally cute and cuddly, but invertebrates can be just as enjoyable to love and care for. While they might seem like low-maintenance companions, invertebrates come with their own unique needs and potential health risks, about which we’ll be glad to educate you.

Invertebrate animals we can treat include:
Tarantulas  • Scorpions • Centipedes  • Honeybees

If your invertebrate pet isn’t on this list, contact us today at (303) 552-3520 to find out if we can see them.

Our Invertebrate Team

Dr. Lacey Jones is a DVM with an interest in invertebrate medicine. She is the veterinarian for Butterfly Pavilion, an invertebrate zoo in Westminster.

Sarah Triplett is our practice manager. She is trained in entomology and worked as an invertebrate zookeeper for seven years before moving into practice management here at Laurel.


Services for Invertebrates

We are qualified to offer the following services for tarantulas, scorpions, and centipedes:

  • Wellness exams (establish care exam is free!)
  • Sedated exams/treatments for:
    • Health certificates
    • Exuvia removal in cases of incomplete molting
    • Mite treatments
    • Enema
    • Wound repairs
    • Euthanasia

We also offer the following services for honeybees:

  • Site visit and hive inspection
  • Health certificates
  • Mite check/treatment
  • EFB/AFB snap testing
    • European foul brood and American foul brood

Get the best care for your best friend.

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