Matt Bogardus - I won't take my babies anywhere else. Knowledgeable staff, and they make sure to accommodate for my "other dog aggressive" pup. Thanks for keeping my fur babies in good health! October 7, 2016

Ilse Hemmer - I have been a client of Laurel Veterinary Clinic for 15 years and my dogs have received nothing but the best care possible! From routine visits to emergency care and compassionate treatment when my first dog Allegra developed cancer, the doctors of Laurel have been outstanding!
I have and will recommend them highly to anyone looking to choose a great vet.  October 4, 2016

Gina Milicia Lundby - Dr. Jason Johnson is simply the best. We have an English Bulldog that are prone to have more health problems than other breeds, but he was always treated us more than fair, and never abused the fact that our dog is a little more high risk than others. Other vets have taken advantage of us before, when really our dog just needed basic care. Dr. Johnson is also very caring for your pet, and just shows he really cares for their well being. I will not see any other vet, besides Dr. Johnson for my dog and my cat.  August 5, 2016

Patti Nehf - Our family has been taking our dogs to Laurel for the past 20 years - they were in the building on the corner of 4th and Laurel at the time, and Dr. Morehead owned it. We've seen a lot of changes since then including a new location, the retirement of Dr. Morehead and the addition of many new doctors. What hasn't changed is the excellent care our dogs have received. The doctors have shown great compassion when we've sadly lost two of our dogs to age and cancer (Jake & Laila). And they continue to provide great care to our dog Charlie. I recommend them to anyone looking for a quality veterinary clinic.  July 31, 2016

 Sheri Gerber Montoya- We have used other vets in the past but since we have been with Laurel we will not go to anyone else. We were not with other clinic because we were not able get our pets in in timely manner or it was expensive. My co-worker all take their animals to Laurel so I changed and am VERY happy!   April 15, 2016

Keri Deedon Noda - "Best veterinary clinic around! Dr. Johnson is amazing and I am so thrilled he has become our #1 Doctor here! I've been coming here for almost 12 years and absolutely love the service he provides and compassion he shows! I recently lost my most special boy and he made the whole situation so comforting when I was a wreck. I am truly grateful for that! We just added a new family member and Dr. Johnson has made our transition from heartache to happiness again so fun with loving our new little fur baby! I would never go anywhere else and am a very happy customer! Max loves him too"!   October 28, 2015

Melissa Gunkel - "Johnson. ...He's the best! Dog whisperer, my pup who does NOT like strangers, actually followed him when he left the room"! ♡♡♡   October 17, 2015

Kyle Beamsderfer - "We were referred here by word of mouth and it became very clear why. The staff are all great and the vets are second to none. Dr. Schuster is the best Dr. we've ever dealt with and specifically request her when we have to take our two cats in".   April 21, 2015

Kendra Justine - "The staff is friendly and makes going to the vet so easy. My dog charlie is super timid and the staff did a wonderful job taking care of him and making him feel comfortable".   April 1, 2015

April Daley League - "Great doctor's that care"!!!   July 112, 2014

Gail Frez Loveland - "We spent a lot of time here yesterday with our very sick bulldog, Maggie. Every single staff member, caregivers and Dr's we're very accommodating, professional and kind. I wouldn't go anywhere else. RIP our sweet Maggie"!   February 5, 2014

Valarae Cothren - "Dr Johnson is the best Vet I've had. I go out of my way to request him. I've directed several of my friends to go to him specifically, and they all agree".   December 12, 2013