Community Involvement

Hill's Local shelter and rescue food donation

This year, Laurel Veterinary Clinic has agreed to participate in a food drive aiding the needy pets in our community and stocking their shelves. With the growing economic need, we have found that our shelters cannot keep up with the increased demand on their resources. As more pets are being turned into local shelters, we have partnered with Hill's Pet Nutrition to address this issue.

You can join the team by simply donating $5.00, $10.00, $15.00 or more when you check out. We will be purchasing Hill's Science Diet dog and cat food with your contributions and donating all of it to a local shelter, rescue, or humane society.

With your help, we can provide a great and compassionate service to our local shelters and rescues by keeping these pets fed with the high quality food they need until they can find their "Forever Home".


Laurel Veterinary Clinic participated in this year's annual Broomfield Days Community Parade. This was our first year creating, building, and marching with a float. We were so pleased to take home 1st place for Best Decorated Float. Make sure to check our Facebook page for announcements and photos along the way for next year! 


Battle of the Vets

Battle of the Vet Hospital Stars is hosted by the Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado (VRCC), this action-filled event at Clement Park in Littleton gives veterinary practices all throughout the state the opportunity to come together and compete in 15 games total to support Pet Aid of Colorado. Clad in creative costumes and bursting with contagious enthusiasm, the teams battle it out. Laurel Veterinary Clinic has participated in the last five years. We are look forward to the event each year.



Charitable donations

The staff of Laurel Veterinary Clinic is committed to supporting charitable works in the local, national and international communities. Your patronage directly influences our support levels to the following organizations:


 Christmas donations for Arvada's Santa's House

Christmas donations for Arvada's Santa's House